What Are Social Signals?

The Importance of Social Signals:

Many people are using social media networks to share information about their businesses, products or services; sending out “social signals” about their brand.

But how important are these social signals?  If someone shares your content with their friends and family how can all these ‘likes, shares and tweets’ possibly help you to achieve better results in the major search engines?

Social signals are getting stronger and if your business or service is not actively on Facebook, Twitter or even Google+ you could be missing out on quite a large amount of potential traffic to your website.

A great social media campaign and its activity can lead to improved search engine rankings by creating awareness of your brand to people that may not have heard of you before. This then converts into search queries that can influence rankings when your social outreach is carried out in the correct way.

Simple steps to follow:

  • Create great content that people will find interesting and want to share via social media.
  • Share that content through social media channels such as twitter and Facebook.
  • If your content is great and people share it, you will earn a natural ranking boost.
  • The content you produced will then gain links naturally.
  • In turn you will then gain more likes, followers and +1's which in brings your content to an even wider audience.
  • Your online reach then grows rapidly.
  • More people then search for your products or services using search engines.

This of course only works when you apply all the above with a bullet proof strategy and know who your target market is.

This is when Aduro Labs steps in. We will work with you to create a brilliant content strategy, target the right audience and increase you brand awareness online using social media. We have driven great results to new brands in many sectors online using a bit of science and a lot of hard work.

April 23, 2012
Matthew Weeks

Website: www.adurolabs.com

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