Brand Monitoring

Many companies make a concerted effort to have a positive online presence; however a huge mistake that many of them make is that they fail to monitor how their brand is represented by other sources.

  • Do you monitor how your brand is being talked about through social media?
  • Have you or your company been talked about on someone’s blog?
  • What are your competitors saying about you?
  • Have you or your company been featured either positively or negatively in a news article?

An even bigger mistake that companies make is that they fail to engage with anyone that is talking negatively about them.

Whilst it sounds daunting to have people negatively talking about you or your brand on the internet, each case is actually an opportunity for you to gain some good PR.In most cases, if you identify the individual, find the cause of their complaint, then engage with them and try to correct the problem; you will often find that these same people will then write something positive about your customer service.The key is knowing how to find who’s talking about you and knowing how to properly engage with them.

Monitoring the whole internet can be time consuming and difficult to do.We can offer a reporting service for you that specifically identifies who’s talking about you and where they’re doing it.  We can then show you how to engage with them and hopefully turn a negative comment into a positive one.

Typically we would agree to send you a report once a week or once a month that sumarises how you or your brand have been represented online during that time period, as well as a list of any potential corrective actions.  We can also include an alert service to notify you immediately if you are represented negatively and need to rectify it.

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