New Website

New Website

We just got a cool new, responsive website.  What do you think?

We've been busy building a new website.  Responsive sites have been around for a while now.  We really like the idea of responsive design and felt that seeing as we were building a new site, it would be a good time to go responsive.  We'd also seen some really cool responsive sites recently and feel that it offers a better user experience.

So what is a responsive website? A responsive site adapts to fit the device on which it is being viewed.  If you're reading this on a smartphone it will look different to how it will look on a tablet or a laptop.  You can try it for yourself, try viewing the site on a different device and you'll notice that he same content is delivered, it is just delivered in a different way.  If you're on normal computer you can simulate this in your browser, reshape the size of the window and you'll notice that the content readjusts to suit it's size as you adjust it.

That's cool but what's the point?  Well it means that if you share a responsive site, the friend you shared it with see's the content you intended.  Many sites use two different sets of URLs to deliver their content depending on whether or not it is viewed in a web browser or on a mobile device.  This means the content delivered can be varied depending on whether or not the user is seeing the same version you originally shared with them.  When you share responsive content, they see exactly what you wanted them to see, just neatly adapted to suit the device they happen to be viewing it on.  Oh, and responsive sites are just cool.

What do you think?  If you like our site or find a bug (it's new so we're still ironing out the creases), let us know!


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    We just got a cool new, responsive website.  What do you think?