Alison Claire Natural Beauty


Alison Claire Natural Beauty is a leading manufacturer of luxury natural body care products.  When we started working with Alison Claire they were a fairly new brand.  They didn't have an established online presence, nor did they have any social following.

Alison Claire asked us to do several things, these included:

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation Review

We conducted extensive keyword research in order to identify the best keyword phrases that Alison Claire Natural Beauty should be looking to rank for in search engines.  We then optimised the website around these keyword phrases to ensure the site was being found for the correct search queries and performing well in search engine results pages.

Link building

This was also a brand building exercise.  We wanted to engage with influential industry individuals and get them talking about Alison Claire as well as linking back to them.  We put together an outreach program, profiled the people we needed to be engaging with and started getting Alison Claire products featured in lots of great places.  This then started to bring in good quality, natural links and improved the site's performance in SERPs.

Social Media Training

When we started working with Alison Claire they had zero likes on Facebook  zero followers on twitter and no Google Plus account.  After some time training the team there, they are developing a strong social following.  More importantly, the followers that Alison Claire has acquired are all well targeted and closely match their target demographic.

Brand Monitoring Services

We monitor how Alison Claire Natural Beauty is talked about online and report back to the team.  This helps them respond to anyone talking about their brand and would help them deal with any negative feedback in the unlikely event that any would be found.

Find and Fix Error Reporting

Under our guidance, Alison Claire Natural Beauty are regularly posting some great new content on their site.  This obviously means the site is constantly changing and multiple people can access and contribute to it.  In light of this we regularly check the Alison Claire website to ensure that it is being properly found and interpreted by search engines.