Metabolics Limited


Metabolics wanted to achieve several things when they first came to us.  They wanted us to improve their performance in search engine results pages, they wanted a platform to engage with their customer base and they wanted to reach out to new customers.

The Metabolics website is fairly large.  As an ecommerce site with a large number of products there was quite a lot of content to account for.  We wanted to look at optimising the site for a range of product related keywords but found that the platform the site was built on lacked the functionality to really achieve what Metabolics needed.  Instead we advised them to invest in web development to migrate to a platform which better met their requirements.

Whilst Metabolics concentrated on their website functionality they still wanted to focus on their social outreach.  We helped Metabolics develop a strategy for building better relationships with their existing customers as well as helped them to make their social media more manageable.  They now effectively use social media for a variety of reasons.  They have developed a good, well targeted following and they regularly engage with their fans to get feedback on what they're doing, answer customer service queries, make customers aware of new products and much more.