User engagement should be something you are always exploring.  It helps you continue to learn about your customers.

User Interaction Testing is a process of objectively measuring how visitors behave on your website.  It serves many functions including helping to understand what makes people behave in certain ways on your site, what influences their navigation choices, which parts of your site cause people to leave or grab their attention.  If you've ever found that you have a particular page with a high "bounce rate" then user interaction testing can help resolve what the problem is that causes visitors to leave at that point.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is about achieving more of your sites goals from the traffic it receives.  Put simply it looks at turning more visitors into customers and can be a really powerful tool.  We can measure and evaluate exactly which parts of your site are most or least conducive to achieving your goals and show you how to make changes that will improve your conversion rates.

Brand Monitoring.  Every company should be doing this online.  It allows you to monitor exactly what is being said about you or your brand, both positive and negative.  This is really important because it give you an opportunity to respond to positively engage with, and strengthen relationships with your existing brand supporters, as well as to respond to any negative comments, which can be a great opportunity to turn initially negative comments into positive customer satisfaction experiences.

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