Social Media is now more important than ever and you need to make sure you're doing it right.

Social Media has many applications for your brand or business.  It's a great way to engage with your customers as it gives you a platform to get customer feedback, build relationships, tell them about new products or services and make them aware of the great content you have to offer.

Each social network functions differently and best practices are often updated over time as social networks evolve.  We understand the idiosyncrasies of each network and can help you learn how to get the most from each of them.

At first many people think they can just sign up for every network and get straight on with it themselves.  Whilst some people do manage to have a degree of success with this approach, after a bit of training they often find that they get a better return on investment from the time they spend developing their social outreach.

"Inbound Marketing" is becoming a term that is becoming increasingly popularised over "SEO".  Inbound Marketing looks holistically at all avenues for generating traffic to your site and social media is having an increasingly large role.  Social Media is also becoming inextricably linked with SEO itself as social signals are offering direct SEO benefits themselves.

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