Social media is changing.  Over the last 6 months it has become more important for your business or brand then ever before.  This is for a number of important reasons.

The role of Social Media has changed progressively over the last few years, and now more than ever it should be a vital part of your digital marketing strategy.  At Aduro Labs we have experience of running large scale, successful social media campaigns in a rage of different environments. 

It's not all about likes and followers. We often hear from clients who have been advised by other "experts" to focus on getting as many Facebook likes, Twitter followers, +1's etc as possible, then they wonder why those likes don't turn into customers, brand ambassadors or anything else of value.  At Aduro Labs we focus on analysing exactly who you should be engaging with and formulate strategies to help you do it.  Whilst fans and followers are important, the key is to make sure they are really well targeted.

Social Media is a great way to generate traffic to your website, but it is also a great way to evaluate your customer's opinions of your brand.  Social Media can be a powerful tool for observing who's talking about you online and what they're saying.  

Social Media and SEO.  "Social Signals" are becoming increasingly important to search engines, by delivering the right content through the right channels we can show you how your Social Media activity can help improve your performance in search engines.


  • Good Luck Edd September 06, 2013

    As you know, we're all petrolheads here at Aduro Labs.  If you are too, watch out for Edd Timms competing at Gurston down hillclimb this weekend.

  • New Project: Top Gear Live August 22, 2012

    We've just started an exciting new project with Top Gear Live.

  • New Website August 15, 2012

    We just got a cool new, responsive website.  What do you think?