User Interaction Testing

Using objective testing methods we can show you how users interact with your website.  You often hear “experts” saying things like “people will always click on an image rather than a text link”.  This is not true at all, there are a wide array of variables that influence user interaction with your website and part of that comes down to the users themselves and who your target demographic is.  We can help you learn about your site visitors and profile their behavioural characteristics.

We can conduct experiments using multivariate testing procedures to determine:

  • How users navigate through your site.
  • Which pages are easy to use.
  • Which pages are confusing to use.
  • Find out why certain pages don’t convert.
  • Find out the first thing a user thinks about when they visit a certain page on your site.
  • Find out if users identify with your brand.
  • Do users perceive your website, company or brand as being a premium or a cheap product?
  • Find out if users identify with your brand.

We can perform an almost endless array of tests to help you learn how other people perceive and use your website, often from a controlled environment that won’t be visible on your website.

We can take this data and suggest improvements to help you turn more visitors into customers.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can improve your visitors user experience than get in touch with us today.